● Multi-axis CNC controller
Extra installment for A-axis and B-axis is available.

● User Friendly Interface
Uses Windows CE operating system and features a 15-inch full-color touch screen.
Comprehensive functions on operating system, correct molds, and NC program
Drill CNC Series possess memory function for 2000 sets of processing depth setting.

● Auto Tool Changer、Auto Guide Changer
With the auto compensation of replacement new electrodes, and complete automation functions with ATC (Opt.) and AGC (Opt.) to save time cost.

● Abundant Machining Conditions
Meet a wide range of machining needs, comprehensive machining conditions to provide the combinations of various types of electrodes and workpieces.
Also be able to Machining a variety of metal materials, as well as any irregular shape.

model  unit  SDR56
X/Y/Z Travel  mm 600  ×  500  ×  450
W Travel  mm 300
Max. Work  Piece Dimension(L × W × H)
mm 800 × 750 × 300
Max. Work  Piece Weight  kg 1300
Driver System  AC servo motor
Auto Tool Changer(Opt.) positions 18
Auto Guide Changer(Opt.) positions 2
Distance from  Work Table to Floor  mm 980
Electrode Diameter mm 0.3-3.0
Machine Weight kg 2000
Machine Dimesion mm 2200 × 2500 × 2600
Filter Element  PAPER
Tank Capacity  Liter 230
Control Axis mm X,Y,Z,W
Min. Command Unit mm 0.001
Min. Movement Unit  mm 0.001
Monitor  15" Full Color Touch Screen
IO interface LAN/USB/RS-232/1.44MB FDD
Graphic Display  2D/3D
Program Storage  CF 128M × 2
Controller  64-bit Industrial PC 650MHz 128M SRAM