● Multi-axis CNC controller Extra installment for A-axis and B-axis is available. ● User Friendly Interface Uses Windows CE operating system and features a 15-inch full-color touch screen. Comprehensive functions on operating system, correct molds, and NC program Drill CNC Series possess memory function for 2000 sets of processing depth setting. ● Auto Tool Changer、Auto Guide Changer With the auto compensation of replacement new electrodes, and complete automation functions with ATC (Opt.) and AGC (Opt.) to save time cost. ● Abundant Machining Conditions Meet a wide range of machining needs, comprehensive machining conditions to provide the combinations of various types of electrodes and workpieces. Also be able to Machining a variety of metal materials, as well as any irregular shape.


● Superior Machining Function Come with 12,000 RPM direct-drive spindle, spindle taper#40(DIN,BT,CAT) and 24-tool changer magazine ● Rigid construction All major structural parts are manufactured by cast iron. Finite Element Analysis is conducted to optimize the machine structure to meet the requirement machining. ● High efficiency working table The precision rotary tilt table allows for either 3+2 or 5 axis simultaneous machining.


● Rigid construction Rigid structure and fixed table design with FC35 fine grain castings reduce thermal distortion over long hour used and eliminate vibration during machining. ● AWT System (For BSW Series) The threading with water jet can pass through the workpiece more than 200 mm thick. The hot-melt method is used to cut the wire, which creates the threading efficiency. ● User Friendly Interface Uses Windows CE operating system, each operating module has multiple functions and features a 15-inch full-color touch screen for easy and convenient operation. ● High Precision Machining The corner aid control module can set the corner machining conditions and weaken the speed, and execute in segments. Exclusive dual trace system by 1μm linear scales and encoder, for high precision machining. ● Linear Motor (Optional) Comparing with tradition ball screw structure wire machine, linear motor (Optional) has longer time accuracy persistence. Advantage of fast servo feedback, low wear, no gap and no temperature changes, which can improve the machining efficiency. With 0.05μm high resolution optical scales, it can reach the high precision result in fine machining.


● Simple Operating Easy set up and operating, just need to input electrode material, size of electrode and expected working depth, controller will create the necessary parameters. ● Superior Machining Function Can machining in large surface and deep processing with two section servo feed speeds enable supreme machining and maintain machining accuracy. Controller offers micro computer monitoring. When in arcing condition, control automatic adjusting T-off and clean-up arced area. ● Rigid Construction Rigid structure and the table surface is heat treated for high rigidity, make sure is long wear resistance.